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Award Winning Custom Home Addition

The owners of this 16 year old elegant home situated on a scenic lot in Paoli, Pennsylvania wanted to add additional living space to their home. The increased size of their extended family with grandchildren gathering for holiday celebrations and family events fueled their desire to proceed with this project. The existing home had a deck and hardscape patio area with an outdoor grilling/cooking area. Building a new room addition would create more space for larger family events as well as incorporate and facilitate better use of their outdoor living space.

Some additional caveats for the new addition were:

* It would provide overflow space for family functions yet could stand alone as its own entity

* They wanted an open feel or conservatory look allowing them to sit, view and experience the out door ambiance of their property from within the new room

* They needed a better entrance to their outdoor grilling area.

* The existing deck and patio area needed to be incorporated into the new design.

* It was critical to have an easy fluent traffic pattern to and through these areas.

We were asked to develop ideas and a design that would meet these criteria. We wanted to create a unique look for this space that would have some contrast with the existing architecture of the home while maintaining the integrity of the existing style and design.

It was enjoyable and rewarding to work with clients who allowed us to use our skill and craft to create a living environment which exceeded their expectations.

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