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Home Addition: 1800's Colonial Stone Farmhouse

The owners of this original 3-story mid to late 1800’s colonial stone farm house on 7+ acres had thoughts of moving to an adult community for the balance of their lives; however, changes in the housing market, the economy, their assessment of community living and their lifestyle resulted in the consideration of other options.. The original home had been restored to excellent condition with modern bathrooms and a modern kitchen. The home had an existing full basement. The existing limitations were no bathroom or powder room on the first floor and the laundry was located in the basement. Additionally, there was no garage.

We met with the owners to discuss the flexibility of building an addition that would address the missing amenities that they experienced in their home. A very important consideration was that the new addition needed to look like it had always been a part of the original home. An additional caveat was to build the new addition in such a way as to allow them to spend the remainder of their lives here, even in the event one or the other should become disabled or incapacitated to some degree. This would require larger rooms and living spaces; the capability to get someone from the garage area (basement level) to the first floor living space; and a self-contained living environment within the first floor.

We discussed interior and exterior design and living space to meet their requirements of a modern functional living area with the ability to easily modify and change the proposed new function of the addition to meet future demands and requirements.

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