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Residential Interior Home Renovation

The owners of this 10 year old elegant colonial home in Malvern, Pennsylvania had a large kitchen and breakfast room connected to a large family room with an 18’ high ceiling with a second floor balcony area which opened into the main entry foyer of the residence. The room had a small formal fireplace with a pre-fabricated wood burning unit which was inadequately sized to heat this space. Next to the fireplace was a sizable entertainment center. The desire was to modify the existing fireplace to install an appropriate sized and functional pre-fabricated wood burning fireplace for this room incorporating a new custom built entertainment center into the fireplace wall while maintaining and modifying the existing balcony railing system. An additional focus was to change the look of the room from a more formal appearance to a visually warmer and cozier atmosphere. The owner presented us with their design, criteria and specifications for this project.

Final finishing and painting left the owners with a warm, relaxed, and inviting presence while maintaining the distinctive style and class of their home.

The finished and restored family room exceeded the owners’ expectations and they love the new environment they helped to create in their home.

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